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Sister Speak

Moore Music presents Sister Speak in concert on Saturday night, November 15, 2014.

Sister Speak

Sister Speak a wonderful, soulful, rootsy-rock duo from San Diego, released their debut album, Rise Up For Love in March 2014. The album has received rave reviews by San Diego press and fans alike. Track one, ‘Chicago Dream,’ aired on several FM stations in southern California before the album was even released and the album has been climbing charts on AAA and college radio throughout the USA. Their San Diego release party drew a packed house sharing in the celebration of music, community, and the band’s debut album.

This alternative duo includes Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist Sherri-Anne with her captivating vocals and rootsy guitar stylings along with drummer Lisa Viegas' who supplies dynamic percussive beats.

Press for Sister Speak's debut album, Rise Up For Love:

“…edgy Americana that isn’t afraid to go deep. The lead-off single “Chicago Dream” works as a gorgeously gritty soundtrack for a late night road trip, namely through the Chicago suburbs or other similar urban territories. While lead singer Sherri Anne waxes poetic about the electric energy of the city, the band answers with a steady backbeat accented by slide guitars and glowing organ…”
—MIKE OLINGER, The Vinyl District, Washington, DC

“With captivating vocals that sing out to the skies, plucked guitar strings, and dynamic percussive drum hits driving the lyrics, Sister Speak’s single “Chicago Dream” is the type of music playing in my dreams while I’m running across a field with no destination in mind…Rise Up For Love should be the next album on your list…”
—Cyrus, Metrojolt, San Francisco, CA 

“TEN out of TEN. I utterly fell in love with this album thanks to the gorgeous voice work…There aren’t enough truly charismatic female frontwomen working in the industry right now, and here we’ve found a new one. [Sherri Anne's] voice is ragged and rough, a lynchpin around which to build an album, as good at pulling off those signature vocal slides as she is imbuing every song with a rich sense of longing…I’m almost skeptical about this being a debut album. That’s how good it is.”
—The Cutprice Jukebox, Album Review: Rise Up For Love by Sister Speak

Sister Speak website:
Watch a video of Sister Speak perform "Mountain Song" live.

TICKET INFORMATION for Sister Speak on November 15, 2014

Please Note: Seating for this show will be by reserve ticket only.

Suggested donation = $15-18
100% of the donations go directly to the performer.

To reserve your seat contact us at or by phone at 978-443-8022.
If you are inquiring about seats on the day of show, please call rather than email.

Once you are confirmed, we will send you directions to the show.

The show will start at 7:00 PM, doors will open at 6:30 PM.

We have desserts and snacks during intermission.
If you'd like to bring a dessert, snack, beer or wine to share, that would be swell!

Please Note: Seating for this show will be by reserve ticket only.